Training Programme for PDO's on Preparation of Labour Budget, Planning & Mobile Monitoring System under MGNREGA

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Sl.No. Training Centre Name Letter
1. DTI Mysuru    Download
2. DTI Mandya    Download
3. DTI Bellary    Download
4. DTI Sirsi    Download
5. DTI Dharwad    Download
6. DTI Bidar    Download
7. DTI Vijayapura    Download
8. DTI Shimoga    Download
9. DTI Chikkamagalur    Download
10. DTI Hassan    Download
11. Cedok, Dharwad    Download
12. DATC Beltangadi    Download
13. KOSF ,Haveri.pdf    Download
14. KVK Taralabalu Davanagere.pdf    Download